Shalla Javid is a professional artist accustomed to living life without borders. This has helped her move beyond the self-imposed confines of medium and subject into an exploratory realm of endless possibilities

Ms. Javid is Persian born, but the inspiration to become an artist came during a family trip to Paris when she was eight years old. After years of painting, she has learned to evoke emotion from her work. She creates abstracts, with a lot of surface quality and vibrant colors. Shalla's work is filled with motion and excitement.

The intimate experience of making art allows Shalla to express her ideas, thoughts and feelings. Satisfaction comes in knowing when a piece is finished. Joy comes in that special moment when someone connects with a painting and wants it to become part of his or her life.

Shalla's extensive work with western themes and old cowboy heroes can be seen in many banks, restaurants, and galleries throughout the Midwest. And her old world style murals cover walls in some of the most glamorous homes in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.

“Please, honey, enjoy yourself, this is what life is about, I know I do!” (Shalla J.)

Karin Carton (Le Louvre Paris Curator)